• Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space Bar: Toggle Speed

Avoid the Red! Get from start to end!

Traverse across 14 levels and 2 Environments! Made for the #LOWREZ JAM 2017, this maze breaking game has some dangerous edges... all of the edges are dangerous actually! Guide your living jello character through the environments carefully avoiding the walls. All while trying to collect the coins sitting around the levels. Make it to the end to see how well you did!

This is a prototype for a game that could have much more! if this game gets good ratings and/or support from the community I'll give it the full game development treatment including much more mechanics that didn't make it into this game due to various constraints on time and screen size. 

Some of the features I would like to add in a full version:

  • Visual/ Audio Improvements
  • Teleportation mechanics
  • Enemies & other types of obstacles
  • Simple forms of combat to add a strategic edge
  • More Levels and Worlds
  • And More!!

So, Please leave ratings, reviews, and comments either on the#LOWREZ JAM 2017 page, or on the comments board on this page. Check out the jam page to see other fun projects by developers from all around. Also, like ArT-Rex on Facebook for updates, and information on our various projects!

Published Aug 09, 2017
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsArcade, Difficult, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Top-Down

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